Company Vision

Television without frontiers

Carol Bouwer Productions is a boutique television production company geared to produce intelligent, content rich programming from a refreshed and innovative place for both local and international audiences. The company is committed to producing television that speaks powerfully to a broad audience base, challenging the way we think and feel about the realities of the modern world. We believe to entertain is as crucial as to inform and we endeavor to connect ordinary people to their hopes, dreams and anxieties in an entertaining way.

Carol Bouwer Productions is proud to have amongst its productions, the compelling women’s talk show Motswako. The show is currently in series 13 and has established itself as pillar programme on women’s calendars. We believe Motswako has proven that a television programme can be bold in its identity, and work diligently to ensure it reflects the dreams and hopes of its audience. This is the definitive African women’s show that speaks to the heart of what is in the hearts of this audience- Love, Money, Health, Morality, beauty and many other pertinent areas of focus. To learn more about Motswako please tune into SABC2 every Monday at 21h30. Amongst our most notable shows are also Hooked, The A list, The Final Verdict, Mara and Friends, Nowhereland as well as our collaboration with Tswelopele on No Reservations

With a dynamic team in place, Carol Bouwer Productions is committed to accelerating and expanding its programming output, passionate about producing world class content that will appeal to both local and global audiences. The company has a number of exciting projects in development, ranging from popular factual to reality, talk, and magazine programmes. Firmly rooted in the African soil, Carol Bouwer Productions also endeavors to produce authoritative programming on important universal issues, but from a strong South African and African perspective.

We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of global media trends, with all our programming embracing the 21st century digital landscape encapsulating strong multiplatform elements. The web has an amazing power to connect individuals, enabling them to work together, collaborate and even achieve things never before dreamed possible. All our projects are geared to harness this type of mass participation and online collaboration which will transform our audiences from passive consumers to active participants.

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Partnerships and Collaborations

"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, and in that spirit we recognise that we have to work with others in order to have media that truly reflects diverse views but also to help kickstart careers for those keen to enter broadcasting. It is imperative however that those wishing to collaborate with us, have a concept document which they have protected legally before approaching ourselves or any other production company.

So if you have an original idea we want to hear from you. Please do not email the idea to us until such time you have protected it, and indeed once we have prompted you to do so….