Motswako – The Mix

Motswako – The Mix

Carol Bouwer Productions is currently in production with series 13 of Motswako, SABC 2‘s flagship women’s talk show. Motswako is a host driven show that provides a platform for women to engage in conversation with each other. It empowers, inspires and informs by allowing women to connect, learn, and share their experiences with other women. Motswako is designed to fulfil the SABC’s mandate to educate, entertain and inform. Issues of national importance form the core content in the programme. It is informed by initiatives such as nation building and moral regeneration within the South African family and the television viewers in general.

Motswako is committed to producing content which is thought provoking while remaining simple and understandable to everybody. It manages to connect to mainstream audiences while attracting the versatile, technologically savvy and sophisticated new South African woman.

Anchored by the hugely popular and much loved Penny Lebyane, Motswako has entrenched itself as a powerful and essential voice for South African women, with enormous potential to galvanize consciousness around the most pressing issues facing women today. Like Penny, it is serious yet fun- relaxed yet determined, informative yet inquiring. Be sure to catch Motswako every Monday evening at 21h30 on SABC 2

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Partnerships and Collaborations

"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, and in that spirit we recognise that we have to work with others in order to have media that truly reflects diverse views but also to help kickstart careers for those keen to enter broadcasting. It is imperative however that those wishing to collaborate with us, have a concept document which they have protected legally before approaching ourselves or any other production company.

So if you have an original idea we want to hear from you. Please do not email the idea to us until such time you have protected it, and indeed once we have prompted you to do so….