Mbokodo Awards 2016

Mbokodo Awards 2016



The Mbokodo Awards is an event to recognise women who have shown leadership, fostered growth and made efforts to strengthen the arts. This year’s Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday December 8th  at the Inanda Polo Club.

The arts are an essential part of our ever evolving nation. While the collective achievements of this year’s award recipients are impressive, what’s truly inspiring is their commitment to making a difference in communities through the arts.

This year’s awards are a celebration of the triumph of humanity and the understanding of women’s rights as human rights. The awards are indeed a unique platform that consolidates the incredible work done by South African women through honouring their immense contribution in the fields of arts and culture. This year, we will also recognise the role that women play as custodians of the family but also the inspirational role of the girl child.

We are celebrating four milestones this year:

  • The 5th anniversary of the Mbokodo Awards
  • The 20th anniversary of a constitution which is progressive towards women’s rights
  • The year-long 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Women’s March to the Union Buildings to protest against the extension of pass laws to women
  • The 70th anniversary of UNICEF defending the rights of children

The awards are supported and endorsed by

  • Department of Arts and Culture
  • Ministry of Women
  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
  • Siyabonga Ceramics

“We are honoured that the Department of Arts and Culture endorses efforts aimed at encouraging women to continue being at the forefront of nation building through the arts”


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