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No Reservations

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No Reservations
2011 saw a collaboration between old friends Carol, Bassie and Mich who co-hosted No Reservations with TV novice Katie Mohamed who held her own in the bright lights of Egoliwood. Carol Bouwer Productions and Bassie’s Tswelopele Productions worked closely with the SABC to create this exciting show which very quickly became a must watch show for its loyal viewers. No Reservations is a lounge based talk fest anchored by four opinionated, vibrant, assertive women whose guests match them and make for an entertaining yet very different talk show. Basetsana Kumalo and Carol Bouwer got to live out their dream of co-producing a show together and they partnered with Michelle Garforth-Venter and Katie Mohamed, creating a powerful, glamorous team behind this chatty and honest show.

All four hosts and guest presenter, Jen Sue, are working behind the scenes to ensure the show returns for a season in late 2013.

No Reservations quickly became a true companion to women who made the traditional base of SABC3 and they all looked forward to the great content, the fashion, the banter, the surprises and of course the luxury prizes. If you missed our first season, be sure you look out for our next… The warmth the NR quartet exudes will have you glued to your couch and wishing you were in the living room with them.

The Final Verdict

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South Africa has the most progressive constitution yet many of our citizens don’t learn about their rights and thus cannot access these rights. The Final Verdict is a 26-part television series dedicated to ensuring ordinary citizens’ understanding of the justice system and how it is there to serve South Africans. It showcases and promotes access to justice through dramatic re-enactments of real-life criminal cases and relevant court proceedings.

The series is highly informative and, at the same time, extremely entertaining as it uses drama to capture the attention of the viewer, while additional interviews with prominent legal experts, coupled with exciting graphics, provide in-depth information about the justice system in South Africa. Our understanding of our access to justice is enhanced… Catch the Final Verdict on SABC2 every Thursday at 22h00

The A List

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The A List

The Fifa World Cup was a very important event on the South African calendar and the more it drew close , the more it became apparent that women’s voices and needs were going to be swallowed up in a sea of balls, nets and sweaty men…. And thus the A List was born.

The A List was a fun and sexy, fast paced entertainment show, which delved into the world of sport, fashion and glamour. A world filled with striking soccer celebrities, sizzling WAG’s and scorching sports stars. But it’s not just the beauty, bods and fashion that caught our attention; we also dished up the latest news, gossip and scandal burning up the national and international presses and gave our audiences a front row seat to some of the most prestigious sporting events in South Africa during this all exciting period. We captured the parties, the matches, the scandals as well as the national mood as Bafana Bafana thrilled and disappointed in equal measure… Don’t we just love them though…


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Hooked is a hard hitting four part documentary series that explores addiction, both the physical and the psychological, unearthing South African stories of struggle and triumph over the disease. The stories range from the horrifying to the salacious to the idiosyncratic.

Self-Mutilation is a disturbing documentary which explore the lives of three different mutilators, Jade; a young, sexually confused adolescent who tears his toenails out with pliers, Taine; a cold, calculating young woman who lacerates her arms and legs for emotional release and Laura their counselor who’s a recovering flesh-gouger.

Hermina’s Story delves into the world of food addiction and the emotional turmoil and dependency that surrounds it.

Bianca’s Story is as complex and intricate as the girl herself. She has dabbled in almost all forms of narcotics from coke to KAT, Tik and even heroine. As a seventeen-year-old runaway Bianca has become a skilled manipulator who weaves her life story together using so many different fragments of truth and lies it becomes impossible to identify what is truth.

Thabang’s story, follows a few days in the journey of Thabang, a petty criminal and a drug dealer, whose journey to recovery from alcoholic addiction

Motswako – The Mix

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Carol Bouwer Productions is currently in production with series 13 of Motswako, SABC 2‘s flagship women’s talk show. Motswako is a host driven show that provides a platform for women to engage in conversation with each other. It empowers, inspires and informs by allowing women to connect, learn, and share their experiences with other women. Motswako is designed to fulfil the SABC’s mandate to educate, entertain and inform. Issues of national importance form the core content in the programme. It is informed by initiatives such as nation building and moral regeneration within the South African family and the television viewers in general.

Motswako is committed to producing content which is thought provoking while remaining simple and understandable to everybody. It manages to connect to mainstream audiences while attracting the versatile, technologically savvy and sophisticated new South African woman.

Anchored by the hugely popular and much loved Penny Lebyane, Motswako has entrenched itself as a powerful and essential voice for South African women, with enormous potential to galvanize consciousness around the most pressing issues facing women today. Like Penny, it is serious yet fun- relaxed yet determined, informative yet inquiring. Be sure to catch Motswako every Monday evening at 21h30 on SABC 2

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"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, and in that spirit we recognise that we have to work with others in order to have media that truly reflects diverse views but also to help kickstart careers for those keen to enter broadcasting. It is imperative however that those wishing to collaborate with us, have a concept document which they have protected legally before approaching ourselves or any other production company.

So if you have an original idea we want to hear from you. Please do not email the idea to us until such time you have protected it, and indeed once we have prompted you to do so….