The A List

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The A List

The Fifa World Cup was a very important event on the South African calendar and the more it drew close , the more it became apparent that women’s voices and needs were going to be swallowed up in a sea of balls, nets and sweaty men…. And thus the A List was born.

The A List was a fun and sexy, fast paced entertainment show, which delved into the world of sport, fashion and glamour. A world filled with striking soccer celebrities, sizzling WAG’s and scorching sports stars. But it’s not just the beauty, bods and fashion that caught our attention; we also dished up the latest news, gossip and scandal burning up the national and international presses and gave our audiences a front row seat to some of the most prestigious sporting events in South Africa during this all exciting period. We captured the parties, the matches, the scandals as well as the national mood as Bafana Bafana thrilled and disappointed in equal measure… Don’t we just love them though…

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