No Reservations

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No Reservations
2011 saw a collaboration between old friends Carol, Bassie and Mich who co-hosted No Reservations with TV novice Katie Mohamed who held her own in the bright lights of Egoliwood. Carol Bouwer Productions and Bassie’s Tswelopele Productions worked closely with the SABC to create this exciting show which very quickly became a must watch show for its loyal viewers. No Reservations is a lounge based talk fest anchored by four opinionated, vibrant, assertive women whose guests match them and make for an entertaining yet very different talk show. Basetsana Kumalo and Carol Bouwer got to live out their dream of co-producing a show together and they partnered with Michelle Garforth-Venter and Katie Mohamed, creating a powerful, glamorous team behind this chatty and honest show.

All four hosts and guest presenter, Jen Sue, are working behind the scenes to ensure the show returns for a season in late 2013.

No Reservations quickly became a true companion to women who made the traditional base of SABC3 and they all looked forward to the great content, the fashion, the banter, the surprises and of course the luxury prizes. If you missed our first season, be sure you look out for our next… The warmth the NR quartet exudes will have you glued to your couch and wishing you were in the living room with them.

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